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The following compliments are just a sample of the many comments we receive from our clients and visitors. 



"I finally got my PR approved. I want to thank you for all the works you have done for my PR case. I would definitely recommend you to others, since your fee is quite reasonable for the service you provided. I am always impressed by your prompt responses to the questions I had, which is quite helpful for a client. Thank you again." F. Zhang (green card)


"We wanted to thank you for getting our paperwork out so fast. We are very excited and nervous to hear the results. Thank you for taking the time to make sure that everything was just right so there won't be any additional delays." S. Nihei (K-1)


"I have successfully entered the US on October 24, 2003 with an immigrant visa as an extraordinary artist from China. Mr. Huang was my lawyer for my immigration application, he provided me with valuable suggestions on how to prepare documents, which are essential to INS to evaluate my qualifications. I got my immigration application approved within 5 months after the initial filing with INS Northern Service Center. Right now Iím working on my own studio and continue my artist career in the US. Mr. Huang is a very experienced lawyer I would recommend him for your immigration applications." Cindy Zhong (Extraordinary alien green card)


"I really appreciate that you were able to get back to us so fast and before the weekend. We really appreciate how busy you must be and want to thank you for taking the time out of your schedule to answer our questions." -A. Buonaiuto (K1 fiance)


"... Initially I was uncertain whether I should hire an attorney. I believed I could do the paperwork myself. But my gut told me to go with a professional. Now I am really glad I listened to my intuition. You and your staff helped me to see the potential pitfalls with my situation. I am so thankful for your patience and competence...  " -S. Nguyen (K-1 visa)


"Thank you for your assistance.  It has made things easier. " -D. Reynoso (K1 fiance visa)


"I wanted you to know that Pat had her interview in Vancouver yesterday And that they did not really interview her. Looked at the paperwork that you provided and said "it is in such good order, we will just give you the visa". She was in and out in less than an hour. I attribute this to your work. Thank you Again." -R. Rey (K1 fiancee visa)


"Thank you Mr. Huang for helping me with my fiance's K1 paperwork. It was very comforting knowing that an expert was taking care of our application. I didn't have to worry about all the details. You and your staff was very helpful and patient answering my many questions. Because of you, my beautiful Tatiana was able to join me quickly. -T. Totson (K1 fiancee visa)

"I best liked your relatively quick responsiveness to my e-mails that were filled with questions and concerns and the ability for you to return my phone calls in a prompt manner. -A. DeLaCruz (Adjustment of status)


"Thanks for making contact and will keep you informed. By the way, I believe your website is extremely good and have recommended to others. -S. Pearson (H1B)


"You have been of considerable help with other H1-B visas for my company. It is much appreciated. The guys from India are a great bunch of people!! I recommended your services when my company asked me who would be best to handle their cases, and I greatly appreciate your excellent work for us!!" -A. Fowler (H1b visa) 

"Mr. Huang, I am writing to let you know that our company appreciates your hard work in the filing of labor certification applications for our employees. You have been invaluable in your knowledge and guidance. We know we can rely on your expertise to guide us through the maze, thanks. -R. Rodriguez (Labor certification)  





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