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More on Reduction in Recruitment


The "normal process" can be expedited by the use of RIR procedures. The employer must request RIR when submitting the Form ETA 750 to the SWA.
  1. The employer must document that it has engaged in, within the last six months, a pattern of recruitment in an effort to hire U.S. workers for the position, but has been unsuccessful in identifying qualified and available U.S. workers. The pattern of recruitment may vary depending on the nature of the occupation being requested and the labor market at the time of the job search. However, the minimum is one print advertisement and evidence of other actions taken to search the labor market. These other actions may include use of Internet, use of job markets on the Internet, participation in job fairs, use of union halls (where appropriate), participation in college job fairs, and other similar activities.

  2. The employer must submit evidence of the pattern of recruitment to the SWA. In addition, a recruitment report must be provided of the active recruitment effort to hire U.S. workers at the prevailing wage at a minimum showing the number of U.S. workers who applied, and the reasons they were not accepted. If the certifying officer feels the pattern of recruitment is appropriate to the occupation and the labor market, the application will be approved with no need for the state to do an additional supervised recruitment process. Since supervised recruitment is the most time-consuming aspect of the permanent process, use of RIR can significantly reduce the time required in the DOL process. It is possible that the DOL phase of employment-based visas can be accomplished in under one year using the RIR process.
In either the case of normal processing or RIR, if a Form ETA 750 has been submitted but no response has been received, you may determine the status by contacting the SWA to whom the application was filed. If the SWA has informed the employer/agent that the application has been forwarded to the ETA regional office, you may find the status by contacting the appropriate regional office. Each regional office has a phone information retrieval system that allows interested parties to receive an automated response to the status of a case by using either the case number or the employer telephone number.

If the appropriate regional office approves the application, the Form ETA 750 is “certified” (stamped) by the certifying officer and returned to the employer/agent who submitted the application.


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