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K-1 Fiance(e) information for Russian fiancees


Online Immigrant Visa Appointment Schedule Information makes it possible to obtain information regarding interview dates for those already scheduled. The information can be also received by contacting the Embassy Visa Information Service.


Please Note: The American Citizen petitioner may not attend the interview with his or her fiance.


Instructions and List of Documents for Fiance(e) Visa Interview


  • Please read through these instructions before the interview and follow them carefully because they are the most complete available. All documents should be supplied ON THE DAY OF THE INTERVIEW.
  • Children immigrating with you must also be present at the interview.
  • Please note that no one may accompany applicants into the Embassy's visa waiting room. This includes American citizens, attorneys, sponsors, friends, and family members.
  • Each applicant should bring all the required documents.
  • Copies and translations of each document into English are required. Translations must be notarized only when the original is in a language OTHER than Russian. (e.g. a translation from Ukrainian into English must be notarized, translation from Russian into English does not need to be notarized).
  • Payment. Please pay the application fee ($100 dollars for each applicant) ON THE DAY OF THE INTERVIEW only after an Embassy employee instructs you to do so. We accept dollars and rubles. Credit cards are not acceptable.
  • It is necessary to submit the original DHL airway bill for express delivery of your visa after the interview.
  • Tickets. We strongly advise not to buy tickets or make any final travel arrangements before you receive a visa.


List of Documents for Fiancé (e) Visa Interview

  1. Biographical form DS-230 filled out in English (part 1 and part 2). A separate form must be filled out for immigrating child over 16 years of age.
  2. Filled out DS-156 + supplement DS-156K. Ds-156 and DS-156K must be filled out in Russian. DO NOT SIGN DS-156K. A separate DS-156 must be filled out for immigrating child. No DS-156K supplement is required for immigrating child.
  3. International Passport with a photocopy of the first page and the page with information about immigrating child if the child’s name in included in the parent’s passport.
  4. Original birth certificate, photocopy and translation into English.
  5. Police certificates in all names as well as all dates of birth ever used. Police certificate must contain references to each place (subject to the jurisdiction of the Russian Federation) in which the applicant lives or has lived for more than six months since attaining the age of 16. This includes localities where applicants have lived during university studies. If the applicant was on military service, he/she should bring the certificate from the local draft board. If an applicant has lived abroad for more than one year, a police certificate must also be submitted from the country in which he/she lived. Police certificate validity is one year since the date of issuance.
  6. Evidence of termination of prior marriage(s) (if applicable), original, photocopy and translation into English.
  7. One color non-glossy full-face photo 50x50 mm for visa. The eye level should be between 28mm and 35mm from the bottom. Another two pictures will be required for medical examination.
  8. Visa application fee of $100 (or ruble equivalent) for each applicant
  9. Documents confirming relationship: photos of Petitioner and Beneficiary together, letters to each other, phone bills, airplane tickets, emails, etc.
  10. Results of Medical Examination in a sealed envelope. The medical must be taken at one of the embassy-designated medical centers. It takes 2 days to complete the medical examination.
  11. Financial documents from the petitioner – a US citizen: please note, that Affidavit of Support (form I-134) is not required, but may be requested. The document must be notarized. Please submit financial documents to show that the applicant will not become a public charge in the United States. Such documents may include, but are not limited to:
    - Most recent year tax returns (form 1040) or tax transcripts from IRS
    - Copy of bank account
    - Earnings and leave statement
    - W-2 forms
    - Letter from employer

Attention! If the immigrating parent does not have a document showing he/she has full legal custody of the child, the child immigrating with the parent may be required to submit the other parent’s notarized statement that he/she gives full permission for the child to leave Russia for the purpose of immigration to the United States meaning the stay is permanent and not temporary.


All original documents must be accompanied by photocopies and English translations. If the original documents are in Russian, there is no need to have the translations notarized. If an applicant is required to provide additional documentation after the interview with an American consular officer has taken place, the documentation may be submitted to the 221G box at the Embassy North Gate between 2.00PM and 4.00PM on any working day or mailed to the Embassy.




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