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Hire our law firm to prepare your K1 petition 


For K1 individuals fed up with reading the regulations or who wish to sit back and relax throughout the paperwork and processing time, our law firm will gladly prepare the  K1 petition.

Our firm has significant experience working with K1 foreign fiance(e)s from a variety of countries. We've worked with individuals from especially difficult countries like the Philippines and Russia. To date, our success rate is impressive. We have not had a single K1 rejection.

Since we have an understanding of the K-1 legal requirements, we are able to prepare petitions with minimal risk for a kickback from the INS. While other couples complain about the INS taking up to 5 months to adjudicate their petitions. We've had our K-1 petitions approved in as little as 3 weeks. While this is not a guarantee that we can get every petition through the INS in 3 weeks, we can promise our clients that we will prepare their petition in the same efficient manner.  

Our law firm will provide the following services:

Stage 1 – Pre-INS approval: 

  1. Review of documents & facts of the case by staff immigration attorney
  2. Provide legal counsel as necessary
  3. Preparation of immigration forms
    1. I-129F Petition for Alien Fiance(e)
    2. G-325 Biographic Information for Alien
    3. G-325 Biographic Information for U.S. citizen
    4. I-134 Affidavit of Support
    5. G-28 Notice of Entry of Appearance
  4. Assist with translation services as necessary
  5. Request for additional information, if necessary
  6. Preparation of Petitioner’s statement to the INS
  7. Compile and package petition according to INS regulations
  8. Create back-up file
  9. Conduct “fact checks” to ensure accuracy
  10. Request expedited cable notification (when appropriate)
  11. Send petition to appropriate INS Regional Service Center via certified mail
  12. Provide case tracking information


Stage 2 – Post-INS Approval:

  1. Request provisional file be opened at Consulate Office and Packet 3 be sent to Beneficiary
  2. Provide embassy/consulate contact information and general immigrant visa processing information
  3. Provide instruction regarding medical exam, vaccinations, interview, and consular packet
  4. Provide attorney-certified copy of I-129F petition
  5. Prepare and provide I-134 Affidavit of Support packet, including supporting documents

U.S. citizens and foreign nationals interested in having a professional prepare their K-1 petition, are encouraged to call us. 




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