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K1 Visas: Why Should I Hire an Attorney?


Since the advent of the internet, numerous K1 visa preparation services have become available. Clients who are contemplating hiring a paralegal service must keep the following in mind:


1. A visa preparation service may be violating state laws concerning the unauthorized practice of law. While a paralegal service may fill out a form, only licensed attorneys can give legal advice. In the course of preparing a K1 application, clients always have questions and seek guidance. A paralegal who gives legal advice is breaking the law.


2. Visa preparation services are not accountable to a regulatory agency. If a negligent error is made, the client may have little recourse. Attorneys are registered with a state bar association. Many visa service websites contain little information about who they are, what their credentials are, how they can be reached, and how long they have been in business.


3. Visa preparation services are not necessarily cheaper. Some services charge the same fees as a law firm. We have heard horror stories of people using visa services only to have mistakes made who then have to hire an attorney to resolve the problems created by the visa service. In those situations, the client would have saved money if they had hired an attorney in the first place.


4. An employee of a visa service does not have the training of an attorney. Simply because a person has personally experienced the K1 process does not demonstrate that he has the expertise to handle your K1 petition.  



National Immigration Services, a full service immigration law firm,  has handled numerous K1 petitions. Our legal staff have a 100% success rate. Our applications are approved on first review because we prepare them thoroughly and completely. We do not receive "Request for additional Evidence" (RFE) from the BCIS. RFEs can easily delay the processing of an application by an additional 2 - 3 months. 


Clients who hire our law firm can rest assured that

  1. An attorney will handle your case. 
  2. The legal fees will be reasonable.
  3. The client will be able to easily communicate with the attorney. 


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