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K-1 Fiance(e) visa information for Chinese Citizens


We have developed new website specifically for Chinese and U.S. citizens, 
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We also have a website specifically on the fiancee visa
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We also have a fiancee visa blog which has information provided daily on the fiancee and spousal visas
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  • The U.S. Consulate General in Guangzhou will notify the applicant when the approved petition is received and mail the applicant an instruction packet including biographical data forms. This packet also includes a list of specified branches of the CITIC Industrial Bank where applicants can pay for the RMB830.00 processing fee prior to the interview. A fiance(e) visa applicant is an intending immigrant and, therefore, must meet documentary requirements similar to the requirements of an immigrant visa applicant.

  • After the CG finishs initial background clearances for the case, it  mails the applicant an appointment packet of interview-related information. This packet includes an invitation to the interview, required medical forms and contact data for specific hospitals approved to conduct medical checks.

  • During the interview, it is the applicant's responsibility to provide information to show a bona-fide relationship with the petitioner. The adjudicating officer uses the interview as well as the information brought by the applicant to make a decision. If the visa is denied, the applicant will have an opportunity to provide further evidence of the relationship.

  • If the visa is approved, the applicant will be required to make delivery arrangements with the designated China Post Office to either have it delivered by submitting a notice and the interview appointment letter or to pickup the visa two business days later at the Jun Yuan Post Office of China Post. The visa will be normally valid for half a year.





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