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Hiring our law firm to prepare your  H-1B


Because of the complex issues involved with an H-1B visa, it is not recommended that a foreign national or a sponsoring employer attempt to prepare and submit an H-1B petition on his or her own. Improperly preparing a H-1B petition can result in the foreign national losing his status and becoming removable or the U.S. employer inadvertently hiring a worker who doesn't have work authorization and thus subjecting itself to possible fines and penalties. 

Our law firm has provided legal assistance for number of H-1B foreign nationals. These clients have selected us for the following reasons. 

  • Expertise: we specialize in the H-1B visa and are familiar with the basic and advanced issues that can crop up with this particular status. Our staff keeps current on new developments in H-1B visa law and pass this information on to our clients. 

  • Communication: Throughout the petition process, our highly-trained staff provides constant communication and updates on the progress of the H-1B petition. 

  • Speed: our firm processes H-1B petitions as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality to ensure that the foreign national can obtain H-1B status as soon as possible and commence working for his or her employer.

  • Price: Our legal fees for the H-1B are competitive with other law firms. Our clients have told us that for the excellent service they receive, we provide significant value for the legal fees paid. Furthermore, our staff is available to answer questions an applicant or U.S. employer may have without fear of being billed for every single minute. 

  • Strategy: Not only does our firm provide short-term results, but we advise with an eye toward the future... and discuss what options are available for the foreign national and how it will impact the U.S. employer's staffing needs. Thereafter, we provide counsel which helps the foreign national maximize his visa opportunities in the future. 

Individuals or companies interested in hiring our law firm should call us at the phone number above or email us. We look forward to serving you. 




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