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An H-1B Brochure for your Boss


National Immigration Services understands the difficulty foreign nationals face when discussing the sponsorship of an H-1B visa with a prospective employer. 


Employers are frequently afraid to sponsor a foreign national because of misunderstandings about the process and the obligations required of the sponsor. 


To facilitate the process, our  law firm has prepared an H-1B brochure that addresses employers directly. It informs them of the H-1B, what it is, and how to obtain one. It also explains the role our law firm plays in preparing the paperwork. 


Foreign nationals have utilized this brochure successfully and remarked on how it has helped educate their bosses on the H-1B and what the process entails. This brochure is available for free distribution-- we believe it will open dialogue between the sponsor and foreign national.   


The brochure is available in Adobe pdf format. 
To download this brochure to 
your computer, please click here



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