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Green cards for extraordinary individuals 


Our law firm has successfully obtained extraordinary green cards  for accomplished foreign nationals at a reasonable legal fee.
Contact us for a free review  to determine your
eligibility for the extraordinary green card category.


For those who are in the highest percentile of their field or profession, applying for the extraordinary category (EB1) may be your best bet.  

However, the standards are rigorous and few people are qualified.  We have compiled the following pages to help you determine whether you can apply for this category.  

If you can, you'll be able to avoid going through labor certification, a timely and costly process, and you'll be able to apply without the sponsorship of an employer.   Should you need professional legal assistance with your application, our law firms and legal staff is ready to assist you competently and expeditiously. 

The extraordinary category: how can I use it to apply for a green card?

How can I show that I am extraordinary?

Extraordinary petitions require what kind of supporting documents?




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