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How can a TN visa be obtained? 


Citizens of Canada must provide the following at the port of entry:


  1. A request for "TN" status; 

  2. A copy of the applicant's qualifications for the prospective job; 

  3. A letter from the alien's prospective U.S.-based employer; and 

  4. A fee of U.S. $50.00.


Canadian citizens are not required to obtain a visa, but instead receive "TN" status with the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) at the port of entry. The "TN" status will only be granted if the period of stay is temporary. 

Canadians seeking an extension of TN status have two options. First, they may have their employer file an I-129 form at the Nebraska Service Center. This option is advantageous because it does not require leaving the U.S. Moreover, if the application is timely filed, the applicant is permitted to continue working beyond the expiration of the current TN. The second option involves returning to Canada to re-apply at the port of entry. In that situation, the same documentation is required as was presented for the original TN application.




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